since 1956

Firm Profile

Our firm’s philosophy is that service to each client is based on substantial knowledge of the client's business and industry. We believe that this understanding of the client is vitally important to constructive service and in carrying out assignments effectively.

Rossmann, MacDonald & Benetti has been in the continuous practice of public accounting since it was founded in 1956. Located in Sacramento, California, we are actively involved in performing accounting and tax services for a wide variety of small businesses and have developed extensive industry expertise with privately owned companies, associations, nonprofit organizations, estates and trusts.

Even though most of our clients' operations are located in California, Nevada, and Oregon, we also assist clients with operations throughout the rest of the United States.

Our firm has a long history of technical expertise and we believe that we have built and developed a deep sense of professionalism within our firm to assist our clients through their most complex accounting and tax issues. We maintain a stringent level of quality control on the accounting and tax services that we perform and maintain subscriptions to some of the most expensive and comprehensive accounting and tax libraries to assist us and our clients on complex issues.

Our philosophy on outsourcing tax services:  In recent years it has become common practice that local accounting firms are outsourcing tax preparation services to other countries or to other firms and we have received inquiries on whether we outsource our tax services. It is our belief that our goal of providing the highest quality of tax services to our clients is not consistent with outsourcing tax preparation services. We have always believed this and even though we know that outsourcing could lower our costs substantially, we believe that it is too risky to subject our clients' confidential financial and personal information to an outsourcing service. Accordingly, we believe that we are making the right choice by securing our clients' confidential information and maintaining our tax preparation services within our firm.

We are pleased to announce that we have received a peer review rating of pass for the three year period ended August 31, 2022.  Peer reviews are conducted every three years.

We are a member of the AICPA, the California Society of CPA’s, and are licensed by the California Board of Accountancy as an Accountancy Corporation.